Beasts of Zhurin

This beast has many names. To the Feore, it is called Aerphelu, to the Scolani, Rain Bringer. Their given name is the Ulseriah, called by the Spirits back when Zhurin was young and there are never very many in the world at any given time. Ulseriah drift along the currents of the winds, with their massive maws agape, filter feeding on whatever was unfortunate enough to get caught. Ulseriah stretch to about ninety feet in length and forty feet in width, tapering. They look as if they weigh a great deal, yet are quite, almost improbably light. With a squat ovid body lined with a thin, fluttering fin that allows them to direct themselves, and an equally squat, vertical tail with more of the near translucent membrane, they stay aloft due to their incredibly light physiology, the powerful wind currents as well as the thickly oxygenated nature of Zhurin.

Being a creature of mostly mouth, that mouth is little more than a maze of millions of baleen, from which a tongue with an almost ooze-like consistency drifts and scrapes, enveloping their food source (anything) before pulling the entirety of that tongue into their stomach, to be strained and scraped free.

Their flesh glistens with moisture and clouds lazily gather near the beasts, clinging to them and bringing the rains wherever the winds take them. Soft blue, feathery scales line their bodies, giving them further buoyancy, as well as keeping them warm or cool (retaining body heat or moisture) as needed. Two sets of massive eyes, with one pair on either side of their heads, not far from the corners of their mouth, as well as a pair of lesser ‘eye spots’ rest just behind their chins, giving them the capacity to react to potential threats.

What could be considered a threat to an Ulseriah? Natural forces, mainly. Hurricanes and other powerful storms, volcanic activity and the like. These both draw the Ulseriah and push them away, as food is found in abundance once the natural disasters cease. The native, intelligent races to Zhurin do not hunt the Ulseriah, seeing them as bringers of the rains (very literally to the Scolani), as well as not wanting to do deal with the clean up when one is brought down — there is very little of actual use that can be derived from an Ulseriah’s corpse; the meat is noxious and bitter, the bones are hollow and frail, and the skin dries out and becomes brittle once it dies.

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