What is the Role-player’s Creed?

They are less rules and more guidelines to follow. Everyone starts roleplaying at some point and even those who have been collaboratively writing for years may have room to grow. These guidelines are to help everyone become a better writer and role-player, which are two distinctly different things.

Guideline #1: Respect

Having respect for your fellow role-players is important. Not only respecting them as human beings and writers but having respect for what they write. Remember, there are other people on the other side of the screen. Disagreements happen, we’re only human after all, but knowing how to handle them in a mature and humane fashion is important. Respecting your fellows enough to ask questions instead of assuming the context of a roleplay, for example.

This is not any one individual’s story, but a grand, majestic story that we’re all trying to create, breathe live into. So, respect others enough not to trample all over their stories, just as you’d expect them to respect yours.

Respect the people you roleplay with enough to let them know if you’re going to be away for a while — real life happens to everyone, we all should respect and understand that. Don’t leave people hanging. Sometimes we need a push or prod, but again, do so respectfully.

Failing to do so will lose you role-play opportunities and partners.

Guideline #2: Creativity

Live Universe is a creative melding pot. We don’t have a distinct style or genre that we adhere to. You’ll find various shades of Fantasy (Low to High and everything in-between), Steam and Biopunk, some Science Fiction, and even what some might consider to be ‘Mundane’. We do not have a bias towards any one sort. But there are limitations on what you, as a player, can do. Deities of any sort, incredibly high ranking angelic/demonic beings, dragons of immeasurable power and the like are the providence of the Admin and GMs.

Rule of thumb is that if you -think- that something might be over powered, there’s a pretty good chance it is. Doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions though. There’s almost no such thing as a stupid question (I say Almost because there’s always someone willing to try and find a dumb question). We allow a wide variety of characters – to your basic human beings, elves, dwarves and things found in most fiction, to anthropomorphs, elementals… we even have warforged-styled characters and a plethora of home-baked races, uniquely made and settled into one of the environments within Live Universe.

What we do frown upon are copywritten characters taken right out from other media. We don’t want to see a Drizzt, Goku, Ichigo, He-man, or Aang. We want you to create your own characters, make your own backgrounds, write your own stories. And we’d prefer backgrounds that aren’t taken from copywritten sources either (Making a character that’s a Saiyan, for example. Or an Avatar, Hollow, or otherwise).

Again, we love creativity. But please don’t go over the top with it. You’re less likely to find roleplay opportunities or partners if you do. If you’ve questions, again, never hesitate to ask.

Guideline #3: Role-playing

This guideline’s kind of weird. As you can see, there are different styles in which people roleplay. Some people are wordy and like to create novellas as a result. Others like writing much smaller posts, preferring to keep the pace quicker. There is no incorrect way of writing. It is suggested that you, at the very least, give the folks something to work with. If you don’t give them something to work with, the others you role-play with may get confused or bored. But on the other side of the coin, you don’t necessarily want to post a lot of extraneous ‘fluff’. Going into too much detail is just as bad as not giving enough. Finding that medium depends entirely on who you’re roleplaying with.

Also, Live Universe is almost entirely open-ended. Unless it’s specifically stated somehow, anyone can join any game within reason. It’s generally suggested that you have a good, logical reason for your character being somewhere, though not necessarily a reason why they’re getting involved. That’s entirely up to the character and should be learned through roleplay. But if a role-play has been dictated to be closed (perhaps the characters are in a deep, dark dungeon run by one of our Game Masters or Admin), dropping in is bad manners and rather jarring for everyone involved. And as such, it goes back to Respect and Creativity.

Here at LiveUniverse we still honor Calista’s creed to this day and it should be taken as the most basic set of rules to be followed as a Member of our community.

1. I will maintain the illusion of the game by staying in character whenever possible. I will withhold out of character comments until absolutely necessary and even then I will Direct Message or Skype them to the other players.

2. If I discuss the game with other players out of character, I will not allow my character to be influenced by this knowledge without express permission of the other players. I will take the time to allow my character to learn these things on his or her own during the course of the game.

3. I will separate myself as a player from my character as much as possible. While I understand that a lot of myself goes into my character and because the game is so very intense often real emotions will be drawn from me as a player, I also understand that my character is not me.

4. If I am not in the mood to play, I won’t interrupt other people’s games by coming into it out of character. I will find others who are not in character and go somewhere meant for out of character discussion.

5. I will not use my character as a vehicle for racism or bigotry. I will not use my character to promote child pornography or bestiality. I, as a player, understand that there is no room in the real world for such things and will, to the best of my ability, not let it seep into the virtual world as well.

6. If I, as a player, feel that my character has been treated unfairly or that another character has overstepped the bounds of their abilities, I will approach the other character’s player privately and discuss the situation in a calm adult manner and try to come to a resolution or compromise. If I cannot address the issue with a player, I will contact a Moderator.

7. I will accept the hand that is dealt me in the game, understanding that it is a game and it’s not about winning or losing, but about playing.

8. I will not allow setbacks in the game to be blown out of proportion. If I am overly emotional about what is happening, I will step back and not play until I can compose myself.

9. I will not carry grudges against fellow players. My character might not like another character, but again, I can be mature and understand that they are ‘characters’ and not the player that portrays them.

10. If I find that I simply can not get along with another player, I will avoid playing with them. But I will do so in a way that does not draw attention to this and I will not badmouth or otherwise slander the other player as such actions only makes myself look bad.

11. If my character is killed, I will obviously grieve for the loss, but I will also view the situation as an opportunity for me to grow as a player. By starting anew with a fresh identity, I will be able to leave all the negatives of that character behind – any grudges, dislikes or just plain bad habits- and take away the good, thus making my next character even better and more interesting.

12. I, as a player, will keep an open mind and allow people to play their characters the way their imagination leads them regardless if their interpretation matches that of some book, guideline…or creed.

©2017 RPC Written by Calista of ImagineChat.