De’Stregoi History

The Far-History:

Molvonos was one of two children born to Laeryx Vidan De’Stregoi and Vivisca De’Stregoi. The De’Stregoi name was notable amongst the Feore for producing some of the more depraved, blood thirsty and malevolent members of their race throughout all of Draelyk, if not Zhurin. This made them proper nobility within their ranks and throughout the generations prior to Molvonos and Gemma’s birth, the De’Stregoi had warlords, spiritualists, defilers and conquerors in their bloodline. Zhurin does not breed weak people and this is especially noticeable in the forests of Draelyk, where even the flora is eager to spill the blood of any unfortunate enough to draw near.

Laeryx Vidan De’Stregoi, gifted with the greater darkness from the Spirit Moseh, was one of the more potent defilers amongst those in Dragoste. Vivisca, granted the maelstrom of waves by the Spirit Laec, was a spiritualist of great renown, so it was fated that their children would house great powers as well regardless of the spirit that bestowed its gifts upon them. To date there’s never been an instance where a De’Stregoi has failed their rite of initiation into the Feore ranks and when Molvonos and Gemma became of proper age, they conquered their trial brilliantly as well as killing several of the other children that shared the timing of their tests who happened to have parents who wished to see the De’Stregoi name sullied. Expectedly, two different Zhurin Spirits came to impart their gifts upon the De’Stregoi siblings; the Spirit Lorna appeared before Molvonos and gifted him with unwavering control over the glacial floes while the Spirit Jrin came before Gemma and granted her that of Nature’s Touch.

These two additions to the Feore capital of Dragoste brought much prosperity to the De’Stregoi household; the Spirits are fickle things and do not usually gift a house with not only one who can bare the elemental ice but also one who can tend to the flora. It was a constant reminder to the lesser Feore houses that De’Stregoi weren’t to be trifled with and the siblings training only reinforced that. They were given a week. A week to relax, a week to get their bearings together and a week to say goodbye to their childhood before they were to be separated and trained in earnest. Those Feore that were gifted with the Ice’s blessing, called the Rezah, were shipped up north from Cape Vallon to Mauren while the children gifted with Nature’s blessing, called the N’urhi, were sent to Valdimere, the heart of Draelyk for her training.

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