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Greetings traveler!

Welcome to the Freeform Fantasy RolePlaying setting of Elyu – the community where the only limitation is your imagination! We strive to provide a unique, democratic environment for constructive roleplay, putting the power of the community back into the hands of players for a freedom of development in new ideas and unique stories.

Elyu is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is on the verge of rebounding from the catastrophe that had destroyed the world. There are many untold dangers in the World of Elyu in the form of monstrous creatures, clever charlatans, dubious thieves, but no danger in the world is greater than that posed by the Source.

The very essence of Creation and the fount of all magic in the World of Elyu, the Source is a poisonous reminder of the greed which had brought the world to ruin. Those sickened by the power never live long lives, rotting away in their own flesh until they eventually succumb to death from the disease inflicted by it.

For that reason, one of the world’s most precious resources and commodities exists in the form of clean, untainted water. While there are many who fold and fade from the power of the Source – others focus their time and efforts on trying to harness its wild energy for more constructive purposes. Not everyone in the world is sickened by the power held within kryst, and those advantageous souls have begun to carve their niche upon the World of Elyu.

Map of Elyu
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