Solar System – Aries Llayos

  • Sun: Amauna
  • Planet 1: Thissah’le (Barren, Rock)
  • Planet 2: Siroocoh (Barren, Gaseous)
  • Planet 3: Zhurin
  • Planet 4: Elyu
  • Planet 5: Rixoru (Barren, Ice)
  • Meteor Field
  • Planet 6: Apoch
  • Planet 7: Eden

The Planet – Elyu

The planet, Elyu, is a large terrestrial body capable of supporting and sustaining life. It is made up of a broken menagerie of continents and bodies of water, held together by an energy-bound core known as The Source.

Due to a cataclysmic event, the mass of Elyu had been shattered and drawn back together by the Source, consolidating the mass as a planet once more, but leaving it incredibly disfigured. The planes are torn, bleeding into the physical world and causing rift distortions throughout the entirety of Elyu. These planar tears are filled with the Void, like vacant, empty holes in the fabric of space time. Iah-Amun is the larger, blood-iron rich moon. Nili is the smaller of the two moons.

The Source

Deep within the core of Elyu exists a wellspring of power known as the Source; the fount of all magic that exists upon the planet. Without the Source, there would be no magic upon the planet, it’s power having channeled through rivers deep beneath the planetary crust and spread throughout the world. Or at least, so it was before the Cataclysm. After the planetary devastation that had literally shattered the globe, the rivers of Source bled through the fissures to the earthen surface and began to poison the landscape.

The Source is the most raw form of magic and those that attempt to wield magic in the zones of poisoned world find themselves plagued by swift, painful deaths. Like plugging a lamp into a power plant, instead of merely a wall socket – those who cast magic find themselves quickly burned from the inside out by the pure power.

The unmagically bound can find themselves equally plagued by the plight of the Source should they come in contact with Source contaminated food, water or air. While the death by this affliction known as Source Sickness is much slower, it is for that reason alone; far worse than the immediate corruption that a careless mage might suffer.

Those with Source Sickness will find themselves gradually weaken, taken by consumption until they can no longer care for themselves while the presence of dark, sometimes black splotches appear upon their flesh. Those having been exposed to greater amounts of contamination will die more quickly, and those exposed to high amounts of contamination pose a risk of contaminating others – just like radiation.

As a rule of thumb, those who have knowledge of the Source avoid the zones of radiation lest they become afflicted. They know not to breathe the air or enter the ‘haze’ of green that ebbs from the veins of the Source.

Surprisingly enough, while sentient life and fauna find themselves inhibited by the Source; flora, plant life and the natural elements appear to thrive as if they were feeding off the founts of Source.

And what is more, the Undead are not impervious to Source Poisoning – just like a living being, they too can and will succumb to the Sickness in the exact same manner as the living.


Without the Source, the mineral Kryst wound not exist. When exposed to oxygen, the energy of the Source condenses and hardens, becoming a slightly translucent emerald-tinted crystal that glows with a light of its own and even ‘hums’ with power. Contained within Kryst is magical energy that could, in theory, be used to fuel anything from complex technologies to weapons, and everything in between if one could overcome it’s poisonous exposure.

While Kryst stores power, it also amplifies power – a capable mage could use the stone to cast spells that require vast amounts of energy at a scale beyond their skill level. Doing so, however, applies the same danger that casting magic in a Source zone. Using Kryst to augment one’s magic burns the user from the inside out, corrupting them with the radioactive energy.

An individual that succumbs to death from Source poisoning can never be resurrected in their original body. 

The Void

Elyu has for eons settled upon the scales of a precarious Balance. For the power of the Source exists the perfect counter energy, flowing in kind across the leylines of the world; those who are familiar with it have called it The Void.

Those attuned to the Void are usually highly intelligent beings with strong psionic prowess and the ability to command a multitude of mental traits. While, they too, can be proficient magic users, their strength lies in the capability to penetrate the space-time barriers, traversing planes and opening rifts to new locations, even new worlds.

The instability that caused the Source to leak to the surface of Elyu has also exposed leylines of the Void as well. These leylines allow for portals to be opened across the surface of the planet, typically in areas where there is a mixed presence of the Source and Void crossing. These sweet spots serve as anchors for the Light Road, such as the Light Station in The Waystation, Burmecia. In the places where both the Source and Void congregate, there seems to be a perfect Balance that draws those who play into the hands of Chaos toward corrupting the land.

The Flamewake to the east of the City of Esthar, Burmecia resides over a portion of the east penninsula and the Sea of Fire. The Flamewake is a tear in the Void, a result of the Isle of Onigu being pulled through the Void and deposited on the surface of Elyu.

Burmecia itself resides upon a vein of the Void, having allowed for the Shadow God, Cyf to meld darkness itself upon the land of Elyu and create a unique environment for his kind live within. With no light shining from the daystar upon the land, only plants from the shadow plane thrive in Burmecia.


Like Kryst, the veins of the Void also come with its own crystalline mineral known as Nelod. While little is known about how the element was discovered or what it can do; it is the double edged knife which all life on Elyu will one day require. While it is not easily found or readily attainable, Nelod is the counter for the power of Kryst.

In the presence of Nelod, the power contained within Kryst is not only dampened to a degree in which Kryst can be handled and used for spell augmentation; but it can also drain the power contained inside of a Kryst stone. This means that a person carrying a shard of Nelod can be shielded against Kryst’s radiation (but also at the cost of their own magical ability being slightly diminished). Or, if they have consumed contaminated food, water or air – those with Source Sickness can use pulverized Nelod  ingested or injected as a cure for their illness. Although, it is not without a price.

While Nelod is an effective medicine for Source Sickness and can cure the sick, it cannot be used in a consistent fashion. Ingesting more than an average curing dose of Nelod  in excess of once weekly will have devastating mental impacts. While Nelod can cure the sick and boost the mental capacity for a psion – it severely erodes the psyche of those who ingest it.

Repeatedly using Nelod internally can and will result in the mental decay which brings about paranoia, madness and an inexplicable desire to corrupt or destroy anything and everything.

  • In the Living, Nelod causes a depressant effect – symptoms such as: ataxia, anxiolysis, pain relief, sedation or somnolence, and cognitive/memory impairment, as well as in some instances euphoria, dissociation, muscle relaxation, lowered blood pressure or heart rate, respiratory depression, and anti-convulsant effects, and even complete anesthesia or death at high doses. Nelod cures Source poisoning in the living.
  • In the Undead, Nelod causes a stimulant effect – symptoms such as: enhanced alertness, awareness, wakefulness, endurance, productivity, and motivation, increased arousal, locomotion, and the perception of a diminished requirement for food and rest. Nelod, in it’s higher concentrations, can bring life back to undead, a discovery made by an ancient alchemist who eventually came to lead a people known as The Immortals.  Nelod cures Source poisoning in the undead.

The Dark Days

The Dark Days are a 3 day (66 Hour) period in which the planet of Elyu is overwhelmed by a total solar eclipse, when the larger of its two moons (Iah-Amun) passes between the Day Star and the planet. While Nili, the smaller of the two moons, follows an errant orbital path.

For those 3 days, the whole of Elyu is cast in complete darkness. The Dark Days occur twice a year in the Summer and Winter, however occasionally there is a rare occurrence of a third eclipse which is usually totally unforseen and little warning exists when it comes.

Time Scale
1 Year = 12 Months
1 Year = 360 Days
1 Month = 30 Days
5 Weeks = 1 Month
1 Week = 6 Days
1 Day = 22 Hours
1 Hour = 60 Minutes