The Waystrider’s Guild

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The Dragon Brigade

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The Waystation

The Wayward Guard

The Waystation serves as a central trader’s hub for, not only Elyu, but also serves as an inter-planetary jump point between Zhurin and Elyu.  It is a completely neutral zone for all to exist within. While this does not mean that dangerous people and crime is not possible within the Waystation, only that it proves to be the safest place for all to live because of the enforcement of the Wayward Guard.

Men and women alike give their lives to serve the people of the Waystation and enforce a strict tangent of protection for all those that enter the Waystation. One only needs to call out for the Wayward Guard and they will find themselves surrounded by aid at a moment’s notice.

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Vanguard Trading Company

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House of the Shadowed Hand

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