The Immortals

[ Void-Bound Undead ]

  • Average Size – [ Fine, Diminutive, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Gargantuan, Colossal ]
  • Average Speed – [ slow, average/medium, fast ]
  • Alignment – [ Chaotic ]
  • Elemental Base – [ Void ]

  • Damage Immunities – [DMG]
  • Condition Immunities [COND]
  • Senses – [Senses]
  • Languages – [Common, etc]
  • Kingdom of Origin – Kargatane
  • Availability – [ PC, NPC, GM, At-Request ]

Characters of Note

[ Spencer Kurosawa ]
[ Kana Kurosawa ]
[ Silar Viseoh ]

Racial Description – Geisttrinker

A vampiric Immortal sheds it’s undeath in a unique fashion; its heart begins to beat once more.  Infused with Nelod, the Geisttrinker takes a step back, rather than forward, and returns to the Mortal Coil, however, it is still diseased/cursed.  The Sun’s kiss still harms it, as will any with devoutly religious conviction (something exceptionally rare in Elyu), but they are still incredibly tenacious denizens of Undeath.  The Nelod devours any magical binds the once-vampire or once-living had (a Geisttrinker creates Immortal Childer) and in it’s place, psionic gifts of greater power.

But that does not come without cost.  A Geisttrinker’s mind becomes damaged in some fashion, propagating flaws the individual might have had, as well as creating new ones, as memories are burned away in the bright amber glow of Nelod.  Geisttrinker tend to remain near sources of Nelod and can always be found with a chunk of it on their person should they leave their havens for any prolonged period of time.

Like any intelligent undead, Age does play a part in their power levels, but only after the Ascension.  The older a Geisttrinker is, the more likely they’ve ‘drunk’ of Nelod’s glow, while making them powerful, it equally makes them more unhinged unless they’ve someone who can repair the damage that Nelod’s capable of inflicting on the body and mind.  They also retain their fangs, as well as their predatory predilections, but can also eat ‘normal’ fare without negative reactions.  Most are content with drinking blood or eating raw meat for their sustenance.

Racial Description – Robak Zrout

On the rare chance a Wight, Ghast or Geist Ascend, they all end up taking a very similar path in their transformation.  Like their ethereal counterparts, these Robak Zrout are intelligent, but barely so, having a more feral sort of instinct that graduates to something far more sentient with the introduction of Nelod.  The creation of a Robak Zrout occurs when a wight, Ghast or Geist consume large quantities of dead flesh laced with Nelod.  Once enthralled with death of the living, wracking pains overtake them, driving them underground to create cocoons out of viscera, mucous and their own increasingly ballooning, decaying flesh.

What emerges from the cocoon is something far different.  Bones have softened to cartilage, save for their teeth, allowing them to squeeze through nearly any hole so long as their teeth, which clump into a ball no larger than a golf ball, can fit through.  Flesh, muscle and cartilage alike has taken on a nearly rubber-like consistency, allowing them to stretch or even ‘throw’ their appendages, allowing them an incredible and increased amount of mobility.  Internal organs are nonexistent, since Robak Zrout, like their predecessors, have no real need to eat or drink, but do so out of compulsion.  An exception to this is a sentient beings brains.

A Robak Zrout can derive power from the consumption of brains, fueling them, temporarily, with a flush of strength and psionic power.  This power normally expresses itself in physical augmentation, allowing for greater feats of strength and agility, surpassing even a Geisttrinker of relatively equal power.  Very rarely does a Robak Zrout take a more intellectual bend to their skill set, but those that do are capable of disturbing psionic acts, based off of their own nature and that prior to their ascention.

For one to procreate, at least one hundred minds must be consumed, where the Robak is able to create a fleshy little parasite to infest a still living sentient form.  This allows for direct creation of another Robak Zrout, but in order to do so, they either have to be extremely subtle or bring a great deal of attention to themselves.

Racial Description – Nelich

Normally, a Nelich is created spontaneously, rather than Ascending.  Two things are necessary for the creation of a single Nelich: copious amounts of Nelod and copious amounts of corpses.  Since Nelod is the Void given crystalline form and matrix, absorbing not only magical essence, but also life essence, the souls of the dead are incapable of moving on to their next existence, instead bound to the largest shard of Nelod.  This acts as the Nelich’s phylactery.  However many corpses were used in the creation of the Nelich is how many souls the phylactery is capable of storing, with each additional soul adding an exponential amount of power to the creature.

This alone makes them incredibly dangerous.  A lich wishing to Ascend to the Immortal Nelich can cultivate corpses and ‘feed’ them to a Nelod core, but there are several risks involved in such an endeavor.  A lich is inherently magical, and the original ritual to create them, being magical, can be unwound, resulting in the destruction of the lich and phylactery both by the power of the Nelod core.  The larger the core, the more souls and thus, more power.  Secondly, there is no guarantee the Lich will be the soul in control of the soul well.  The creation of the Nelod Soul Well brings one particular soul to surface, with high intelligence and iron will to keep them from losing themselves in the myriad of voices forced into servitude.  The Lich wishing to Ascend may end up as a puppet to whichever Soul carves its way to the top.

Another flaw to a Nelich’s existence is that the Nelod phylactery cannot be moved.  Even the smallest of fragments are at least the size of a man and several hundred stone’s weight.  Generally this results in the creation of a nest or hive to protect the Nelod soul well, but it guarantees that the Nelich’s influence will be severely limited in scope, versus a normal lich’s more mobile phylactery.

Racial Description – Terakhir

The creation of a Terakhir is unusual and incredibly rare.  A ghost, spectre and shadow are merely fragments of a soul unable to pass into the next life.  Unfortunately, exposure to Nelod draws the soul in and contains it, creating a Soul Well which, normally, creates a Nelich after enough souls are absorbed.  It is when the Soul Well is somehow destroyed that Terakhir are created, and they are created as a legion.  While each Terakhir is only a fragment of power compared to a Nelich, they are now autonomous beings, capable of somewhat rational thought and intelligence based off of what they had in life. Most show as their corpses were, or rather, how they were killed.  One killed by fire will be perpetually burning, with flakes of ash drifting from them, while one who had drowned would be a sopping wet mess, expelling ethereal fluid from their orifices and leaving behind a perpetual puddle in their wake.

Terakhir are highly sought after their creation due to the fact that they are almost wholly compromised of nelod-infused psionic energy.  They can interact with the physical plane in the same ways that a corporeal creature can, as a result of their psionic forms, as well as use many of the gifts that psions can and do use, as a natural response.  There is a limitation though, which results from the method in which they died.  The aforementioned Terakhir who died in a fire, can use pyrokinesis as easily as a mortal can breathe, for example.

Many Terakhir try to return to their former lives, much to the chagrin of their loved ones.  Some go mad with grief, rampaging and killing any unfortunate enough to come in contact with them, while others come to a better understanding of their condition.  The latter are the more dangerous.  It is the first taste of their ethereal kin that heals the wounds they once had, giving them a more ‘solid’ appearance, rather than exposing the wounds of their death.  It is every subsequent feeding there after that changes them, evolving them and granting them more power.

Racial Description

Undead.  That would be putting it simply.  Immortals are the next evolution of Intelligent Undeath, be it Vampires, Liches, Wights or otherwise.  Every race of undead goes through differing changes depending on the circumstances of their transformation, but all are linked by a single element – Nelod.  Not every undead survives the transition and one’s own power, age and the like aren’t a gauge to see if the change will be successful.

The only caveat to the transformation is that the undead in question has to have intelligence.  A newly risen, shambling zombie or cleanly picked sketelon will never bond with the Nelod.  Ethereal undead (Ghosts, Shadows, and Spectres, to name a few) can Ascend, but find it far more difficult to do so.

The Immortals legacy has stretched on since before the Cataclysm, when the first great alchemists discovered the deep veins of Nelod wrapped about the core of the planet. All Immortals start out as a creature bound in undeath, whether it is a vampire, lich, death knight, etc. and endure a transformation of sorts through the mass consumption of the amber mineral Nelod. Much like their transition from life into undeath, the change which occurs when one becomes an Immortal is just as profound. It takes a strong constitution and an iron will for a subject to endure the transformation and many are completely destroyed in the turning.

In those with intact bodies, the vigor of life seems to return to their coil and not only does their blood circulate, their hearts beat and breathing becomes a mechanism of habit once more – even if oxygen is unnecessary. The Immortals are a supreme being in undeath, the earliest Alchemist revered himself as a divine being among mortal men and the mindset is prevalent throughout those who succeed in turning into a true Immortal.


Natural Abilities/Spells.

Racial Advantages

Strength in Undeath:

All Immortals are, still, undead, so they derive the same advantages that most undead benefit from.  Increased strength and agility, enabling them to do acts far above what their mortal kin might have been capable of, with the capacity to grow exponentially depending on the Immortal.  An adequately powerful Geisttrinker could rip down a castle’s drawbridge, or a Robak Zrout spring over said drawbridge and its accompanying wall in a similar fashion to a flea.


All Immortals are immune to the effects of poisons and venoms, natural or otherwise.  Immortals are also immune to natural cold and other natural weather phenomenon.  Terakhir and Neliches are immune to physical damage as they are not physical beings (though a Nelich’s current ‘shell’ can be destroyed, as can their Soul Well with sufficient damage).  Geisttrinker and Robak are incredibly resistant to physical damage, unless the weapon is made with Kryst or Moonsilver (which is very different than normal silver) or blessed by one of the deities based in the Aries Llayos system.


Immortals have no difficulty seeing in the dark, even in no-light situations.  With the absence of light, everything bleaches out to grays, but they’re still able to discern depth, distance and the like.


Being creatures born and raised of Nelod, all Immortals are more than capable users of Psionics.  They do not need the crystal to perform their acts of the mind, but they may have Nelod weapons or baubles to better augment their abilities.  Very little is outside their realm of possibility with adequate training.


All Immortals are born of Nelod and as a result, they’re quite resistant to the detrimental effects of the void-source.  Neliches and Terakhir are outright immune, as their souls are one and the same as the element, while Geisttrinkers and Robaks are only minutely affected.  Like Radiation, though, it can build up over time, requiring a purge once and a while, if such is possible.

Racial Disadvantages


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