About the Kingdom

Continent: Adoria
Leaders: Ashen Desahd-Cyf [King], Seat of Elements [Counsel]
Capital City: Providence
Cities/Towns/Villages: Dalceri (Seperate from Adorian Government, but Allied) Peak (village in early stages of founding)
Monetary Units: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper coin.
Ethnic Majority: Caucasian
Inhabiting Races: Fae, Human, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling,
Magical Alignment: Elemental Bound
Religions: Seat of Elements – Undertones
Factions/Guilds: Order of Shadow


Natural Anomalies: Providence, Moving City. Dalceri Forest, magic can lead to loss and death. Rogue Elements, Barbarians, Blood Mage (location currently unknown).

Natural Resources: Lumber, Metals, Fruit, Various Agriculture, Textiles, Incendiary, Machinery.
Imports/Exports: Any – Burmecia Trade is Blocked on In/Out
Regional Climate: The climate in much of Adoria is subject to extremes. The humid subtropical climate can typically see snowfall during the winter, with occasional heavy storms. In northern Adoria, the climate is tropical. The archetypal humid subtropical climate has summers that are are long and almost tropical, and temperatures reach freezing only a few times in the winter with rare snowfall, usually three inches or less. Summers in this zone are hot and humid, with daily averages above 25 °C (77 °F) with average daily maxima above 30 °C (86 °F) . The further south traveled, the colder and more dangerous the climate becomes.
Local Flora and Fauna: Dryads, large forests, varying degree of odd animals.

Situated South of the Equator in the rift of waters between the Oceans of Ariakas and Athanasia, this small island kingdom hosts all natural environments – from desert dunes, to temperate and rain forest, high mountain country and low-lying wetlands it is one of the most diverse environments on the planet of Elyu.


The inhabitants of Adoria are a collective sort, largely comprised of the elemental refugees that had collected together under the banner of Isodrella Delakova. Once it’s establishment, and government was set down, Isodrella crowned her son, Ashen Desahd-Cyf, and his wife Astraea Desahd-Delakova, King and Queen of Adoria. The largely Elemental people of Adoria seek peace and harmony, taking refuge from the rest of their would that would seek to control their inherent abilities for their own benefit. The largest part of this eclectic population resides in the Kingdom’s capital, Liberation.


It has been called many things since it’s foundations were laid in the north of Adoria. Providence is in fact, an impossible city. A mechanical marvel unlike any other. A mass of clockwork, mechanisms and magic in the shape of a tortoise, with a city within, and upon, it’s shell. Slowly, Providence drifts over the entire surface of Adoria. Were it aids with trade to small settlements as the country grows.

To say the city is not without magic would be a lie, however it’s power and mechanics are a closely guarded secret. Nor is it defenceless, despite its ungainly and clunky appearance. Copper covered domes shine in the sunlight in the Upper City, hidden within massive cannons who’s ammunition is not entirely unknown.

Above and Within

With the opportunity of a walking city, the shell itself is a beautiful combination of sprawling parks, shops, suburban areas, manors, and construction. The Palace sits in the center of the shell’s peak, where the Council and State Officials continue to plan and work towards the kingdom’s goals with Royals. It’s architecture is reminiscent of Ashen’s birthplace. But only in looks. The wards are entirely different.

The interior is comprised heavily of mechanics that power, and move the city. Alongside this is a large section for trade, transport, and residences. The interior of the shell is enchanted to display the sky, and even provides rain to those below. Unfortunately, Ashen has not been able to recreate the power of the sun itself within the Inner City, and plants are unable to grow well within it.

The Seat of Elements

The Council is a large section of Adoria’s government. Working in tandem with the King and Queen to assure that all citizens are represented on equal footing. It’s meeting places outside of the Palace of Providence are secret. It’s members are often unknown. Though it is likely those within the Kingdom’s power centers one of the eight Council-members resides. At this time, the Seat is undermanned and Ashen is working towards appointing new members.

The Shadow Guard

Providence Law bringers, the Shadow guard is the protection of the city. Denizens of Darkness that cannot live without light. Dante Dezrati, a once tribal leader of the Shadows, currently sits on the Seat of Elements. He and his elite kin protect the Royal Family, and other Council members.

To say that the shadows are undetectable would be incorrect. Many have seen the kin out of the corner of their eyes, at times. But also, Shadowkin are citizens of Adoria, and not all are part of the Shadow Guard. They do, however, enforce the laws of the Kingdom without prejudice. Immediately imprisoning offenders for judgement by Adoria’s King.


Ashen is a young father, but by no means inexperienced. With Elemental and Unseelie parentage, Ashen accepted the crown of Adoria with some trepidation. He is a hard working, good natured ruler that refuses to allow his kingdom to slip from the ideals it was founded upon.

His Queen, Astraea, is as beloved as her husband by the nation’s people. Glowing with power and new motherhood. She has borne Ashen twin boys, and a daughter. The Queen is rather social, with those she knows well, and isn’t one to deny an audience. However, she is considerably more protective than her husband.

The people of Adoria have rarely seen the royal children within the city itself. Though staff at the family home and the palace are familiar. All too often, the children are seen out in the kingdom with their parents, or family. Protected in first by their mother and father, but Dante himself.


Liberation’s Protections

The Shadow Guards will react to intent of physical harm or damage upon unwitting citizens of the city. (NPC’s) Vampires and Lycanthropes are not allowed within Liberation without three Shadow Guards to assure they will not feed or turn it’s citizens.  Vampires are not allowed to feed on any being within Adoria, willing or not.  There are shops in Providence that cater to a Vampire’s need of sustenance.  

First and Foremost: Adoria is a safe haven. Though danger cannot ever be wholly halted, it will be aggressively sought out and put out at first sight.

Any being can appeal for sanctuary in Adoria. Anyone can approach the King for land rites.