About the Kingdom

Continent: Eastern Mass
Leaders: Cyf, Queen Courina
Capital City: The City of Esthar
Cities/Towns/Villages: City of Esthar, Sorrows Harbor, Mirkwood, the Waystation, Gates of Ignus
Monetary Units: Water, Gold, Silver, Copper.
Magical Alignment: Shadow, Fire and Time-Space.
Ethnic Majority: Humans, Demons, Shadowkin
Inhabiting Races: Elves, Fey, Devils, Dragonborne, Tieflings, Undead, Malaugryms, Alerian
Religions: Cyf
Factions/Guilds: The Waystriders Guild, Dragon Brigade


Natural Anomalies:

  • The Flamewake & the Gate of Ignus
  • Heightened Magical Prowess
  • The Mirkwood

Natural Resources: Clean water, Seafood, Grain/Rice, Shadow Wood, Paper/Textiles, Magical Components, Medicinal Remedies.
Regional Climate: Temperate to Sub-Tropical, Exceedingly wet and humid due to the fact it never stops raining in Burmecia. The amount and density of rain varies from season to season, however seeems to be lighter in the hotter summer months until the monsoon season begins. The vegetation that survives in the deluge is hearty, aggressive, water thirsty flora.
Local Flora:

  • Ebonreed
  • Shadow Elm
  • Dusk Pine
  • Shade Willow
  • Attar Fern
  • Black Lotus

Local Fauna: Shadow mastiff (fey hound), displacer beasts, living shadows.

History & Description

“God is in the Rain.”

It is, with no surprise, known to be one of the first Kingdoms to rise from the ashes of the Cataclysm and as such; Burmecia is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. While the lands themselves do not provide much in the form of flora or crops, it has an abundance of a single resource that so much of the rest of the world lacks.

Access to clean water.

The Rain

The people of Burmecia have made a veritable trade out of collecting the rainwater that never ceases falling over the land and selling it to bordering nations for a steep profit. Because it never stops raining in Burmecia, there is an endless supply of water for the rest of the world to have access to – all for a price.

For this reason, many people immigrated to live within or near Burmecia’s borders to have access to life’s greatest necessity. However most of the populous has settled in the underground trader’s city known as The Waystation as opposed to the City of Esthar, the nation’s capitol.

The Rain is considered, by the truly devout citizens of Burmecia, to be a gift hailed from their shadow God, Cyf. It is said that when the reclamation happened and the world of Elyu was reborn after the Cataclysm; that the deity Himself told the citizens of Burmecia that the rains were a blessing to show his commitment to cleansing the world and restoring it’s purity. With it, they were able to cultivate an industry to support themselves and begin rebuilding the world anew.

The City of Esthar

The Citizens of Esthar are a hearty breed of people who live under the consistent shroud of darkness, never knowing the light of Amauna, the day-star.

Due to the fact that the land is continually shrouded in darkness, for many years, it was the safe haven of the undead, of vampires and all shadow-kin; however with the decree of Queen Courina outlawing all vampires – many of them were forced out of the country and back to their motherlands of Kargatane.

There is a handsome bounty for anyone that can capture and bring a vampire to the Queen’s Court and for that reason, vampires are rarely found within the City of Esthar.

The constant rains keep cisterns and gutters alike filled to the brim with constantly flowing streams of clean water that eventually find their way back to the ocean. Many find their way to the City in search of the life-sustaining substance, though the citizens of Esthar have made it a fruitful enterprise to sell Burmecia’s water to the rest of the world via the The Waystation, the Hub of Elyu.


The Countryside

One might expect a land with neverending rain and no sun would be entirely void of any flora, but they would find themselves surprised by the most peculiar of oddities. What grows in Burmecia varies in species, though shadow-plants thrive in the plane of darkness. Groves of shadow trees as far as the eye can see, fields of ebon rice and shade reeds providing staples for those dwelling in the land to still produce their own supplies and staples, while also having access to spell components that otherwise would be impossible to attain elsewhere in the world.

Burmecia resides in a rift of Void that allowed the Shadow Plane to bleed into the natural world, changing the entire environment within it’s borders.

The Flamewake

The tears and Voids allowed for the creation of both the Onigu Isles and the Flamewake to the east of the City of Esthar. It is said that when the MorbidDream himself sought to bring the demon-held isle of Onigu to his side – Acareric Cyf tore open a rift that later would become Great Fire Plane of Burmecia and brought the Isles into the physical world from the demonic plane of Baator, leaving behind a planar scar of fire exposed to the rest of the world.

It is impossible for a normal being to enter the greater fire plane as they would find themselves almost instantly incinerated. It is a place of constant inferno, churning flame and dangerous flame elementals that only speak Ignan; their native language. Those venturing into the plane would most certainly require an immunity to fire and a means of oxygen, since all oxygen inside of the plane is immediately consumed. The sea surface boils where the Flamewake touches the ocean and there are those that claim the water burns beneath the ocean waves.

Queen Courina Cyf

Her ascension to rule was most unexpected, but still, despite the fact that she was only a child when taking the throne, Courina Cyf was received by the people of Burmecia as daughter of their God and the One True Queen. She was preceded in rule by her half-brother and the God’s former apprentice, Yahari Delano Spire, however he was quickly forgotten by the people and deemed a usurper, an enemy to the Crown. All family to the Courina’s maternal line under Tallania lach Feragh carry a death sentence in Burmecia and are subject to be hunted by the Crown.


Bounties of the Crown

1. An open bounty against all vampires exists by the decree of Queen Courina Cyf – all hunters bringing vampires to the Court of Cyf will earn a bounty of gold for each (unashed) vampire they present.

2. All relatives linked in blood to Tallania lach Feragh including the former King of Burmecia, Yahari Cyf  are wanted Alive – each family member carries a bounty of gold as reward, and prestigious status (Knighthood or Lordship) in the Kingdom of Burmecia.