Legends say that no one knows who built the ancient city of Neferatta; that the ones who raised the stones and towers died eons before any soul happened upon the ruins of the massive city in the desert. It is silent and still, yet the whispers of the ancients occasionally reach the ears of those brave enough to find themselves on the doorstep of the City of the Dead.

It is unwise to stay long. Those who make the mistake of dwelling on the desert continent for too long realize their mistake when their rations of food and water are no longer enough to sustain them, when they begin to feel their very life forces drain like ice melting in the heated glow of the day-star, Amauna. Rumor has it, in the center of the city exists a temple built entirely of gold and that legend draws treasure seekers near and far – though the only thing ever to leave Neferatta are tall-tales and the shattered.

Those not cautious enough can find themselves in more dangerous than average territory as the north western side of the City is overwhelmed by a massive Source spot and could possibly be the cause of the life-draining effects within the City of the Dead, however that is only speculation.