Nearly entirely uninhabited, the Old Kingdom is a large island located southeast of the Savage lands and between the oceans of Athanasia and Nihilism. Comprised of varying vegetation and topography it is varied and vibrant. The southern most parts of the island are assumed to be composed of verdant and sprawling grasslands, however do to the Source leak spreading across the lower half of the island it is impossible to know for sure. Venturing into these parts could mean sickness and ultimately, death.

The center of the island is also largely unknown. A barrier prevents all entry into the castle ruins and surrounding forests. Further north-west is a decent sized desert; however the sands are again unexplored do to a Source breech.

The remaining lands are comprised of rich rolling hills that lead upward into jagged peaks that cut across the continent until they drop off into the ocean. The range – named the Obsidian Mountains – is one of dangerous beauty. Towering, jagged peaks, with sharp cliffs and steep canyon walls reach into the heavens, the highest points capped with perpetual snow.

The lower, eastern ridge provides a steep drop in elevation and here the mountains are rounded and sloped, cloaked in green and rife with thick pine forest. Fed from a lake in the center of the island the river, newly renamed Kos and the eastern arm Esh, separates to fork around either side of a singular, towering peak. This mountain was discovered to be home of an old and abandoned Keep, built into the dark granite centuries ago.