About the Kingdom

Continent: Eastern Mass
Leaders: The Guardians
Capital City: Ester Marsh
Cities/Towns/Villages: Ester Village
Monetary Units: Leathers/Furs, Gold, Silver, Copper.
Magical Alignment:
Ethnic Majority: Therians (Were-kin)
Inhabiting Races:
Factions/Guilds: The Guardians


Natural Anomalies:

  • Dismal Swamplands

Natural Resources: Seafood, Grain/Rice
Regional Climate: Sub-Tropical to Tropical. The Savage Lands are always humid and frequently raining, though unlike Burmecia, the rains are seasonably cyclic instead of a constant downpour. The heavy rains creating the wetlands and bayous of the Savage Lands are a result of the intense heat of the Flamewake causing evaporation in the Sea of Fire. The amount and density of rain varies from season to season.
Local Flora:

  • Ebonreed

Local Fauna: 

  • Alligators
  • Deer/Elk
  • Boar
  • Snakes
  • Water fowl

Animals were resilient creatures. Even in the most horrid environments, one wouldn’t have to look far to see some kind of creature had adapted to it. Hunters were trained to adapt to their prey before they prey could adapt to them, but even the best hunters could lose their targets. Hiding, running, fighting back in some cases, that was how the prey survived and when hunters turned into the hunted, they had to follow the same path. It was this mindset that brought Jayce to his new home.

The Ester Marsh wasn’t a glorious place, located in the southernmost Savage Lands, a constant rain pour over it, and dangerous beasts and creatures everywhere, but it was safer than most for his kind. The surrounding swampland was hard to traverse for the normal traveler, deep waters, poisonous plants and animals, much larger predators than what one would be used to. That was what made the marshlands the perfect place to set up a settlement.

With the trees being so huge, a fact that still baffled the ursathrope, they were able to not only build around them, but build into them. Several different trees were used for housing, allowing their decent sized community to spread out, each tree being connected with a wooden walkway, the wood of it reinforced so it could withstand flood waters. Each tree had several hollows that had been carved into, allowing them to build small homes for the residents and walkways far above the swamp water below. It had taken the better part of a year to simply work out a way to make it all stable, but they had managed well enough. The biggest tree in the center of it all served as the central hub for the community, having been carved almost hollow with several different floors to visit, though there were still plenty of houses and huts that were built outside. That was where hunters could bring their prey, guardians could meet to discuss current threats and scouting reports, there was even something of a market. Deep within the tree was also also a portal that was watched at every hour to link them to the outside world, which was always closed during nights of the full moon.

All in all, while they were a young community, they were a thriving one, and that gave Jayce something to look at with pride. There was no official leader in Ester, no king or queen, no alpha, the closest they had were the guardians. A group of the strongest, fastest, and wisest that kept the peace while also ensuring the safety of the community, often chosen by residence rather than self appointing. And Jayce, being one of the founding members of the community, had been one of the first elected into the guardians. Mostly because it was his idea.