Although The Tor itself is but a large rock, the term has now been used to cover the entire Isle.


On the approach to a small plateau, covering the sides of the path, bones could be noticed.  In some places there were stacks of them.  Bones of various creatures, animal and humanoid.  Older ones, ancient some of them, were collected nearer the top where the ground started to level out.  On this ground, the Tor, an ancient stone upon which sigils and wards of an Unseelie nature were carved.  A large spike of rock that pointed skywards.  There was no evident entry to it, but below was the home of the Unseelie, Rain Spire.  A place that existed both here in Elyu and also in the mountains of a plane of existence between realms, the Fey lands.  Though very few are capable of travelling between them.

From this vantage point, the Island it resided upon stretched out to the West.  The Northern mountain range spanned across to a large volcano, which was also the highest mountain on the island.  Almost at its centre, a lake, a river winding Southwards and ultimately flowing into the sea at the Southeast.  Forested areas dotted the lush green of the South part of the Island.

There is some wildlife here, fish in the lake, birds in the sky.  Mountain goats, rabbits, deer, small rodents.  It is a habitable place, though there are no settlements or buildings anywhere on the land at this point in time.