About the Kingdom

Continent: Eastern Mass

Leaders: The Merchant Lord, Queen Courina

Capital City: Haven Hollow

Notable Locations in the City: The Mage’s District, The Archives and Central Bank, The Artisan’s Alley, Haven Farm, Trader’s Bazaar, Wayward Depot, The Light Station

Monetary Units: Water, Gold, Silver, Copper.

Magical Alignment: Shadow, Fire and Time-Space.

Ethnic Majority: Humans, Demons, Shadowkin, Drow

Inhabiting Races: Elves, Fey, Devils, Dragonborne, Tieflings, Undead, Malaugryms, Alerian

Religions: Open Faith

Factions/Guilds: The Wayward Guard


Natural Anomalies:

  • The Flamewake & the Gate of Ignus
  • Heightened Magical Prowess
  • The Mirkwood

Natural Resources: Clean water, Seafood, Grain/Rice, Shadow Wood, Paper/Textiles, Magical Components, Medicinal Remedies.


Regional Climate: Temperate to Sub-Tropical, Exceedingly wet and humid due to the fact it never stops raining in Burmecia. The amount and density of rain varies from season to season, however seeems to be lighter in the hotter summer months until the monsoon season begins. The vegetation that survives in the deluge is hearty, aggressive, water thirsty flora.

Local Flora:

  • Ebonreed
  • Shadow Elm
  • Dusk Pine
  • Shade Willow
  • Attar Fern
  • Black Lotus

Local Fauna: Shadow mastiff (fey hound), displacer beasts, living shadows.

Waystation and the Wayward Guard

While the Waystation exists within the kingdom of Burmecia, it operates on an entirely different government beyond the Cyf’s family rule and for that reason is usually the choice of settlement to those who migrate into Burmecia.

The underground city of the Waystation is a massive, sprawling urban environment situated beneath the Wayward Mountains in the northern half of Burmecia. The rains of Burmecia do run into the underground dwelling, but are directed away by a series of aqueducts that empty into rivers deep in the bowels of the mountain.

If ever there was a modern society in Elyu, it would be here; all the creature comforts can be found in The Waystation should one look hard enough. All who enter the mountain go through the main entrance and are subject to be documented upon their entry or they arrive through the Light Station.

The Waystation serves as a central trader’s hub for the entirety of the world and is a completely neutral zone for all to exist within. While this does not mean that dangerous people and crime is not possible within the Waystation, only that it proves to be the safest place for all to live because of the enforcement of the Wayward Guard. Men and women alike give their lives to serve the people of the Waystation and enforce a strict tangent of protection for all those that enter the Waystation. One only needs to call out for the Wayward Guard and they will find themselves surrounded by aid at a moment’s notice.

The Light Station

For those who cannot travel by foot, or exist continents away from the Waystation, there is an alternative means of entry through the Light Station. The Light Station is a portal nexus which connects the Waystation and the outer kingdoms of Elyu, allowing for those to traverse to the trader city with less effort.