Apparently, Vashtari used to be home to a kingdom. Now, all that’s left is Nature. Creation has a way of surviving the stupidity of mortality and immortality alike. I don’t know much about Elyu, save that my Brother was born here, and that the hubris of godlings brought it to ruin. That’s fine, though. I’ll help him with Elyu. I’ll help him to bring it back to Creation and the natural ways and if nothing else, I’ll help return it to Creation, like so many worlds before it.

There are no kingdoms here now, no mankind, no elves or other such creations of the godlings. I was surprised, truth be told, how overgrown the continent was, compared to Adoria or Burmecia. To the north, there are mountains and desert. It’s strange, where the desert is located. Vashtari has this vague appearance of a crown and along each of the northern coasts, there is desert. I’m left believing that this was some part of a greater whole desert, since I’ve been told that the closest continents to Vashtari also share desert along those places.

The mountains I’ve named Pamantul Cadea, or the Earth’s Fall mountains. It makes sense, to me at least, since it looks as if they weren’t there originally. The stone is fresh compared to that which rose on its own accord over the course of a millennia, yet it did not feel as if forced in place by spellcraft. They’re… out of place, as if they fell from the heavens. The mountain to the east is called Patria Mica; the small rock. There’s a good chance that this piece splintered off from Pamantul Cadea and landed in the east, so it was named as such.

The dragons likely have different names for them, but they’re no longer in control here. With Moartea’s destruction in Kargatane and the reports of a network of tunnels stretching throughout all of Elyu, I’ve decided to settle in Vashtari, in the forests at the continent’s south-central. There’s one possible flaw with this plan though, that being the massive kryst deposits that are a relative stone’s throw east. But if anyone can make use of the mineral, it’d be Gemma and the other Elifah, since the Kryst amplifies flora, but not fauna. From the reports, the forests within the kryst-afflicted area are overgrown compared to the more natural state where the new city will be formed. It has promise, as long as I keep in mind the warnings Yahari gave me regarding Kryst.

Perhaps Hope might be able to help… there is a distinct chance that she’d be overwhelmed and we’d have to put down a Kryst-fueled Hope capable of destroying Elyu. Here’s hoping the Spirits indulge me. The deserts are very interesting, in the fact they’re unique compared to anything else here on Elyu, or anywhere for that matter. Perhaps because they’re partially beach attached to the three oceans to the north, and the winds that blow kryst detritus north and east, the particulates that make up the desert and beach are green and, oddly, alive. It’s as if someone took a Greenwood and, with magic, made it into a pile of sand. The waters and winds feed it, while the kryst corrupts it. I think Gemma will have a field day with this, as might Azarad, since they’re equally bound to earth and nature.

Vashtari may not have the largest kryst deposits, but it certainly has the most plentiful and most easily accessible. I’m unsure if the dragons revere it or Nature, since the two are nearly one in the same given the Mineral’s properties. They make their home in the Pamantul Cadea and rarely make jaunts out, so I nor my scouts have had the pleasure of studying them. What we do know is that they head north. Sometimes they’re seen leaving the waters of the bays with prey in hand, anything from large fish, sharks to smaller whales and other creatures I haven’t had the pleasure of studying. We also occasionally find deep gouges in the beaches, as if the dragons haul back dragon-sized handfuls of the green sand. What they do with it, I’m unsure. Wildlife is plentiful, as is the flora, giving our people plenty to eat, and the waters to the south are fresh, though it needs to be filtered by the Oeilus, as occasionally kryst will be found floating in miniscule amounts, and that’s something I don’t need to deal with additionally.

~Penned by the hand of Molvonos De’Stregoi