Policies on Minors – LiveUniverse’s player base is largely an 18+ community and while we do allow younger players at this time – you are entering a mature, adult environment and all players will be expected to behave maturely.  That being said, there is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate conduct.

Any players that engage in cybersex, or behavior tied to it, with any minor will be banned.  Any and all parties.  There will be no warnings, there will be no second chances.  This not only includes adult/minor, but minor/minor as well.

Any adult that engages in inappropriate behavior with a minor will be reported to Discord and to their Country of Origin’s Cybercrimes unit and local Police Authorities. For more information please visit The Missing and Exploited Children’s Cybertipline @ https://report.cybertip.org/

If anyone sees, or is propositioned with, inappropriate behavior please do not hesitate to report it to a moderator.  Moderators are listed in Discord in Purple, and are at the top of the chat list.

Under 18 – Elyu plan


Providing a point of contact that is understanding, but also 100% clear on rules and regulations on how minors are allowed and not allowed to play in Elyu.  As well as a point of contact with adults in regards to issues with minors.


Upon registration, all players are directed to the website for rules, registration information, and the site map.  


As many minors, but not all, are not accustomed to roleplay settings, Adoria will be set as a sort of influx point (Due to certain storyline aspects, rogue portals will become possible within the city of Providence.)  This adds as a sort of welcoming point.  And all players within Adoria in management capacity (provided they are willing) will be


Basic outline:


Amy will be the main point of contact in regards to minor (under 18’s) issues and assure that all players are entering the community are prepared to play, and understand the site’s rules and systems.


Amy will provide weekly game content for new players to enjoy, to get their feet wet and see what Elyu is as a gaming universe.


Any moderators who wish to participate in the project are welcome to.


New Minor players will receive the extra needed support based on their perceived level of experience.   And will be provided hands on assistance with creating their first character in a way that works with the universe.


All Minors will be educated specifically on rules of conduct, and will be labeled accordingly as minors so that adult players are safely able to tell who they are gaming with, and what their restrictions are.


Brass tacks:  Any sex act, even exchanging naughty text messages, artwork or photography of nude persons/creatures, with a minor is considered illegal.  Therefore, on Elyu there will be no sexually explicit game with any minor, of any fashion, ever.


Minors with minors is a bit of a gray area, per my own research online, there really isn’t any statements saying that minors cannot engage in sexual activity with other minors.  However, I feel that taking the same road as actual contact.  In some jurisdictions (such as California and Michigan), if two minors have sex with each other, they are both guilty of engaging in unlawful sex with the other person. The act itself is prima facie evidence of guilt when one participant is incapable of legally consenting.


Therefore, I feel that minors should blanket statement not be allowed to engage in any cyber sex activity.  Anything that involves sexual activity can, if noted and not dealt with immediately, get Elyu and it’s investors in trouble.  So these rules need to be clearly posted on the site.


Things that need to be stated clearly for all parties


Rules in regards to minors

The assistance process new players who need it (Not always minors, but people who want assistance with roleplay set up)

And what will happen if rules are broken – ie immediate banning.


  • Institution of a Terms of Service and Privacy Rights that includes rules on Underage and 18+ members and agreement to the terms of service upon membership being granted. We will work on writing up a ToS

The player population here at Elyu is incredibly diverse. A greater part of us have been participating in written based game play for twenty years or longer. But, we don’t want that to be a daunting experience! Welcoming new players will only make our community stronger. So if you are nervous, or need some extra help,

Panda, Current Game Master in Adoria, has opened her realm as a sort of Welcoming Area. Where players can test out their skills, and find out just where they want to go in the world of Elyu. This doesn’t mean that Adoria is the only place to play, it certainly isn’t! But it is a place where you are free to make mistakes, and Panda will provide assistance in helping you not only with crafting who you are, but what you want to do.

Panda can help with:

– Expanding your character from looks, to a full being.
– Help you determine history and origin.
– Give you a home land in Adoria, or connect you with other GM’s for other origins if interested.
– Provide you with gameplay settings as a tutorial to see just how game can be played in Elyu.
– Provide constructive criticism, and direction on clearing up any issues.

Now, this sounds like a lot of hand holding, but believe us it’s not. Often times, players have a concept, but tend to forget to build a history. When creating a character how old they are and how they look isn’t all they are. There’s their life, their motivation, their home, family, etc. Panda will help players not only feel secure and ready to enter Elyu and play alongside everyone else, it will ensure that once players are ready to strike out on their own there will be minimal confusion on motivations, and how to play on the site.

Here on the site proper, we have a font of information on areas in the worlds of Elyu, and Zhurin. In addition, character profile space, historical and geological information, and site rules are tools every player needs. In combination with Discord we have a fully functioning live role play set up that is as ready to play as it can get, all we need is players ready to take on the challenges of the world!

If you need any assistance with setup, or any questions, do not hesitate to message Panda on our Discord server.