Feore Seasons

Seasons in Zhurin differ from continent to continent, due mostly to the way the world was shaped by the Spirits. Draelyk’s seasons and the holidays that the feore have made as a result are listed here.

Because Draelyk is a continental rain forest, there’s very little change in the climate. Snow is almost unheard of and as a result of the constant warmth and sunlight (which is mostly soaked up by the Greenwood canopy), there’s no Autumn either.

Harvest Season:

Harvest season falls in line with what most consider the Winter months (December, January, and February). This is the time when the flora of Draelyk produce their seeds and fruit in earnest and when the predatory flora go dormant. The dormancy is due, in part, to the predatory vegetation using most, if not all, of their energy in creating the means to reproduce, creating a safe time for the natives of Draelyk to explore or walkabout their home (safer, rather, since there are still plenty of predators out in the forests).

The harvest season is marked by the first pods to break free from the upper boughs of the Greenwood, crashing down to the forest floor in a very loud fashion. This is one reason the Underbrush is directly below the Boughs of Dragoste, so that no one was killed as a result of the pods falling from so far up.

During this time, the feore (and the lesser races) do not hunt, but rather, go and gather as much of the fallen fruit and seeds as they can. It is a time of plenty and generally, the herbivores are too busy gorging on the excessive amount of fodder, while the predators wait patiently, eating only what they require (the next season is their season).

Feore don’t need an excuse to throw a massive feast, but if there was one time during the year when a feast was most appropriate, it would be during the Harvest Season. As a result, the Feore have the Lacomie Festival.

The Lacomie Festival:

Feore society is based almost entirely around the family unit, but each family connects to one another in some fashion, webbing outward to create a vast network. As a result, feore don’t really need a reason to have large feasts, especially when a large amount of food is brought in, either through harvesting or hunting. It stands to reason that during the Harvest Season, the single largest festival is had; The Lacomie Festival.

Lacomie is translated into ‘Gluttony’ and for good reason; Feore, who have no qualms about eating copious amounts of food, stuff themselves on the veritable banquet that’s provided by the forest. Each city has their own iteration of the Lacomie festival, but it always lasts a week’s time, with most citizens helping in keeping food and drink on the tables. The fruits of their labors are eaten raw and as part of something more intricate, such as pastries, breads, pies and the like.

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