Update – December 11th, 2017

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

SO much has been happening these last few weeks, despite the fact that some of us had some downtime due to being sick and the holidays around Thanksgiving consuming time, we’re back into the swing of things with some new updates:

  1. Tons of active games are going on in our Discord! We have games on every continent of Elyu actively running now, if you haven’t signed up yet, come check it out!
  2. We’re promoting Adoria as our “New Player Friendly Zone” where new players to LiveUniverse and to roleplay as a whole can go to get a sense of the Aries Llayos system, get in character assistance, and out of character creative guidance and development help from seasoned veterans.
  3. We’re introducing a new format in Elyu’s Kingdom directory for providing players with more demographic related information, so far Burmecia, Adoria and Kenyon have been updated.
  4. We’re changing the format of the Roleplayer Directory so that you can see what characters people are currently player before viewing their profiles.
  5. We had welcomed some new players to the site who are under the age of 18 and began implementing the safeguards to make LiveUniverse.co a freeform roleplaying environment safe for all ages (13 and older).
  6. The Affiliates page has been established and we’ve began reaching out to fellow roleplaying sites and communities to make connections outside of our borders. If you’re interested in becoming an Affiliate of LiveUniverse, send us an email ( liveuniverse.admn@gmail.com ), we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks to everyone for your hard work lately, you guys make the world go round!

Yahari, the Administrator


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