By design, valuriel are stately, beautiful creatures with angular features. There is no way to mistake a valuriel for anything other than itself, with broad wings that span the color spectrum in the same fashion that human hair naturally does (though white and black are also frequent). While their wings and hair might be rather mundane in coloration, their eyes are what cause them to stand out with brilliant incandescent hues with the most common being sapphire or emerald, but amethyst and amber isn’t unheard of. Even the shortest valuriel is tall by other standards, ranging from six to seven feet in height, and their wingspan is double their height in length (a six foot tall valuriel will have a twelve foot wingspan). A side effect of their creation is the fact that they’re all fully capable of flight while having a solid skeletal structure instead of a hollow one, like most avian races.

Valuriel clothing tends to be very light, filmy and keeps a color range from white to blue and every shade in between. Displaced from their native land of Nri, they lost access to the forges that allowed them to create valurien steel; an incredibly light, flexible yet extremely durable metal that allows them to retain the ability to fly yet cannot be enchanted with magic in any fashion. Wards, glyphs and sigils crumble away while weaves of enchantment never take root. And another side effect of their creation, as well as constant exposure to the forges that allowed them to create the steel was that valuriel have lost touch with magic entirely.

Racial Advantages:

All valuriel have the ability fly through the grace of their wings. Powerful appendages that allow them to take off from a stationary position, allow them to glide for long distances as well as be used as bludgeoning weapons (or slashing) with appropriate protection on the limbs.

Valuriel were created on Zhurin on the Isles of Nri, where the blight forges purge the fyres with impunity. Most of the creatures that live on Nri are also untouched by the fyres and unable to be manipulated by the fyres in a similar fashion. Because of this and their heritage, valuriel are highly intuned with the aspects of the mind and most delve into two different schools of psionics.

Racial Disadvantages:

Magic Deprivation:
Through whatever depraved method of their creation, all valuriel are cursed with the inability to weave magic. While this is somewhat made up with the fact that some of them can be of a psionic bent, they’ll never know the comfort of the primal force that keeps most of Creation together. Healing magic has no effect on them, nor does most destructive magic that directly impacts them. Spells that create physical matter for offensive purposes (fireballs for example) can still harm a valuriel.

Fractured Soul:
Valuriel were created for some purpose in mind that was long since lost to the annals of time. Through their creation and the gifts bestowed upon them came a weakness in their soul, a tiny fracture at birth that can be broken further through their lives. They’re particularly weak to subjugation and mind altering effects, as well as finding it easy to become addicted to substances, though only one at a given time.


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