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Here is a list of characters currently in play within Zhurin and where they can be be found.  Please understand that this is Out of Character information only and unless your character has found out In Character where these characters are then the knowledge won’t be known to them. Some will be listed more than once for certain in character reasons.


Characters in Draelyk:

Molvonos De’Stregoi Vaeloss Feore
Caitlin Truelove-De’Stregoi Half-Elf
Aurora De’Stregoi Ereso Halfblood
Yahari Cyf Unseelie Faerie
Ember De’Stregoi Vaeloss Halfblood
Eclipsin De’Stregoi Firdaast Halfblood
Gemma De’Stregoi Elifah Feore
Hunter Malebranch Human
Locke Versth Human
Mordyn De’Stregoi Mersiro Halfblood
Cinder Keahi Firdaast Feore
Khadi Keahi Elifah Feore
Azarad Sonari Oeleh Feore
Anika Silver Scolani Halfblood
Xioth Dis’Mandrie Mersiro Feore
Clarissa Trebold Half-Elf
Carmine Magdalena Mersiro Feore
Kalagoth T’Rinn Drow-thing
Shanti Moira Rakshasha
Leiona Des’Arke Oeilus Feore
Turin Al’Felrin Firdaast Feore

Characters in Sorth:

Kodi Khalid Scolani
Ashur Khalid Scolani
Cinna Zetrov Scolani


Characters in Xansai:
Talyn Brood Human
Serin “Sanguine” Neroxin Scolani
Revin Saerth Scolani Halfblood
Evea Sad Sister
Tylie Shaw Sad Sister


Characters in Mauren:
Tyrstillion Palvo Tyrgo
Generys Driscoll Tyrgo


Characters in Nri: