Racial Description

The Tyrgo are the native race to the frigid tundra and frozen peaks of Mauren.  Their capital is located within the towering peak of Vierla, Misto Tyshi.  The Tyrgo have only the capital and its surrounding townships that lie within the Aasmiri range in Thanedar.  It is easy to spot a Tyrgo among the other races of Zhurin, however outside of Zhurin they look very human.  Their size, height, and physique vary greatly like most humanoids. However unlike the darker skinned Feore and Scolani, the Tyrgo are usually fair or pale of flesh and their hair coloration tends to range from a dark blonde all the way to white. Their ears contain additional channels on the outer ear granting them above average hearing. They have also evolved extra thick keratin layers comprising their finger and toe nails from millennia of digging.

The most unique factor of the Tyrgo is their inability to communicate verbally.  Not inheriting the ability to weave the fyres through their evolution, the Tyrgo worked on evolving their minds over their connection to the land.  In doing so they developed psionic capabilities over time.  Realizing this allowed them to communicate telepathically; they switched to this safer form of communicating and lost the ability to speak over centuries of evolution.  However it is not hard for another Tyrgo to overhear the telepathic conversation or even thoughts of another, so they have also developed their own form of Sign Language to communicate secretly with others.  It is also why their physical hearing is so great as they live in a land of silence and learn to react to most any given sound.

The attire of the Tyrgo is limited at best.  Most wear robes made from the furs of the animals that live upon the surface or a material known to the Tyrgo that is cultivated from Arvalia plant.  Given the Feore’s hatred of this plant, the Arvalia supply is constantly in flux.  That makes most clothing to become tattered until new robes can be purchased.  The hunters and warriors of the society are almost always clad in the leathers of the Throlasha or Mevalomoth that have steel chain weaved into them.


Racial Advantages

Psionics: All members of the Tyrgo are naturally gifted psions from birth.  Each tends to cultivate their powers in their own way.  There is very few psionics arts that would be unavailable to a young Tyrgo to learn.   Those that are banned or impossible to learn are Mind Reading, Major Charm, Control, and other Psionics that would force a character to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do.  Only the Sages and Grand Scholar have these powers.

Thought Reading: Unless someone is a particularly well gifted psion, or has their mind warded against such things, the Tyrgo can hear their latent thoughts, or surface thoughts if you would.  These thoughts are the ones that an individual is immediately thinking.  If Johnny Johnerson was thinking something was ridiculous, a Tyrgo would pick up he thought something was ridiculous but not know what he actually thought was ridiculous.  They would not be able to pick up on a person’s name unless they thought it, nor would they be able to learn about their past unless they were actively thinking about it.  Again, they only thing they hear are thoughts being thought at the time they are being thought.  They cannot hear thoughts someone isn’t actually thinking.


Exceptional Hearing

Low-Light Vision (Cannot see in the dark, must have some light)

Natural Resistance to environmental and magically induced Cold (not an immunity)

Natural Resistance to Disease and Illness (not an immunity)


Racial Disadvantages

Ocular sensitivity to natural and bright lights (Not debilitating but enough to momentarily blind)

Sensitivity to high pitch, loud, or harsh noise

Unable to verbally communicate

Susceptible to environmental and magically created fire and heat

Thought Reading: Even though this is the Tyrgo’s greatest strength, it is also their greatest weakness.  In areas of great thought, or heavy crowds, the younger and weaker minded Tyrgo who are unable to focus on one “voice” will easily be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of thoughts going on.  When overwhelmed in this manner, if they are not removed from the situation in time, their mind will break.  Once the mind is broken it cannot be repaired, and such individuals are taken to the Vinto Throlsha to be offered up as bait to the Throlasha.  Also if they attempt to go deeper than reading the thoughts that are being thought at the time they are being thought and at no other time were those thoughts being thought, the same thing will happen.



The Tyrgo tend to be xenophobic and secretive to outsiders.  They prefer to avoid the other races of creation as to avoid bringing themselves down to their intellectual level.  They see themselves as the grand scholars of the land.  They care little of the war between the Feore and Scolani they learned about through the thoughts of the Vaeloss.  They would rather dedicate themselves into unraveling the secrets of creation and find what brought the spirits to Zhurin.  Because of this they rarely venture outside their cities.

The Tyrgo are very forthcoming with knowledge amongst their own ranks, and share it willingly with one another.  All of the Tyrgo believe that intellectual enlightenment is the highest calling to life.  That contributing a great discovery to all of Mauren is the greatest achievement one could have.  This encompasses all forms of knowledge from engineering all the way to combat.

Given that most Tyrgo live to an average of 150-200 years old, most dedicate themselves to at least three areas of discovery.  Some do have a single focus, especially if that area of knowledge is new to the people.

Like most races of Zhurin, the Tyrgo have strong family ties.  This however transcends relation as they also see scholars of the same fields as brother and sister.  Most Tyrgo mate within the same school of knowledge with rare exceptions.  Family units however tend to be small, as procreation is limited to two children per family to make sure they do not outgrow themselves.  Those who break this law are usually fed to the Throlasha to ensure the Tyrgo main food source is kept fed.

Though the Tyrgo live beneath the surface, there is a reverence for the creatures that live there.  Most Tyrgo structures have carving of the various creatures that dwell outside their mountain homes.  Each barracks has carvings of the Throlasha with a statue usually seated in front of it.  Each library has carvings of the avian life that lives upon the surface.  In front of the Citadel of Whispers is a great statue of a pod of Morksy Volk.  These are but a few examples, but their are plenty more throughout the cities and towns.

Even more so the Tyrgo make constant offerings to the creatures who live on the surface once a member of their society is no longer seen as functioning.  This serves as burial purposes, as well as helping keep their food source fed during the harsher months of the years.

Conflict resolution and trials tend to be the most unscholarly thing amongst the Tyrgo.  Given their nature, they find it is hard to truly know a person if a person is being honest.  Thoughts and words can lie when a person is focused on lying.  Over time Tyrgo found that their emotions did not lie when in combat.  Because of this all trials are combat based between the accused and accuser.  During this time a number of Jurors, usually older members of society, are there to read both sides of the conflict.  This has proven the most successful way to resolve all issues in society.  This is not intended to be a death battle however, and is purely hand to hand combat.

With that being said most Tyrgo feel an emotional connection with one another when in the midst of quarreling.  It is not uncommon to see siblings or mates fight with another frequently.  In part it is the easiest way for them to feel close to one another.  Most fighting is seen as a sign of affection and a way to bond with one another.  It is very rare that a Tyrgo will raise arms against another, especially because such action is usually seen as a death threat and met with swift recourse by the standing military.

Forms of Communication
The most used form of communication for the Tyrgo is telepathy.  It was how they adapted to survive and live in harmony with the cold climate of Mauren.  Sounds caused avalanches as well as riled up nearby packs of beasts.  This is why they learned to speak without sounds and over time their vocal chords became a vestigial organ.  Some Tyrgo are even born without them.  THis is not a hinderance as all Tyrgo are able to speak with one another telepathically.  Given their pool of outsiders has been small, and that they do not live long after being found, Tyrgo have difficulty speaking this way with other races.

The second form of communication is sign language.  This was developed as Telepathic conversations began to be overheard by other Tyrgo.  Thankfully this is only an issue within Tyrgo society.  They cannot overhear other telepathic conversations outside the race, nor can other races hear theirs.  Their sign language isn’t much different than common signing with a few nondescript variations.

The third form of communication is how they share information.  Two Tyrgo will sit back to back in a meditative trance with the backs of their heads touching.  During this time they can freely transfer knowledge to and from one another.  This does not transfer ability to do what is learned, nor does it work with any non Tyrgo.  It is merely an easy way to pass the most accurate notes.

The fourth form of communication is used to mainly convey emotion.  Given that sign language, thought transference, and telepathy leave a lot to be desired emotionally. Tyrgo often communicate emotion through touch.  This usually manifests in small spars between two Tyrgo.  The more intense the spar, the more intense the emotions.  It is said this is how Tyrgo learn about one another the best, because it transcends their cold logic for something more fiery and passionate. This is the only true way for Tyrgo to emotionally connect to anyone. Because of this, all empaths within the Tyrgo are touch based empaths.

The final form of communication is used to speak of pain.  Music within the Tyrgo society is without words, it is only sound.  Given the lack of sounds within Misto Tyshi, most Tyrgo play their instruments of bone when by themselves.  Almost all songs are somber to some degree and each have a different meaning.  It helps them deal with pain and loss so they continue on their research without too much interference.

Phrases of significance
Ya chuyu tebe – Roughly translated means, “I hear you.”  It is similar to the colloquial “I love you” that family members or close friends will utter to one another.  It signifies a connection so deep that a Tyrgo is okay with someone freely hearing their thoughts and words, as well as them being okay with hearing another’s thoughts and words.

Ya vayu tebe – Similar to the previous phrase, translates to “I feel you.”  This is a term only spoken between mates and lovers.  It is not something uttered lightly, and something a Tyrgo will not tell just anyone.  Usually they only ever speak these words to one person, there are exceptions, but the number of people a single Tyrgo will say this too is limited.  For them it is the deepest form of love, a bond so strong they can emphatically feel the person who makes them speak these words.  They may speak the other phrase to a variety of mates and people who they have a close relationship with, but this phrase is saved for the rare individual who a Tyrgo completely connects with.  This doesn’t mean there is only one possible person that will elicit this, it just means it is a rare occurrence.

The Pilgrimage of Enlightenment
Almost all Tyrgo never leave the confines of Mauren, in fact it is against the law to leave the country without prior permission.  The only way one might receive such permission is by entering the Lottery of Knowledge.  The winner of this yearly lottery is given permission to explore the other realms and location of creation.  This comes with the stipulation of soaking up as much knowledge as possible to bring back to share with the Tyrgo people.  Those who become Pilgrims are given full right to do as they please. There is also no time limit between when they leave and when they come back permanently, as they can come back as much as they feel necessary until the pilgrimage is over.  Their only true goal is to make a great discovery that might benefit their people.  As it is the pilgrimage has only been occurring now for two decades within the Tyrgo society.  It is also because of recent development that the Tyrgo activated the old gate found on Ovoure.  Now they can go observe and learn of the other realms of Creation.



The Tyrgo are ruled by a council of village and city elders with the Grand Scholar as the head.  This Governing body meets within the Citadel of Whispers in the lowest part of Misto Tyshi.  Here all laws are passed, all judgement are made, and all ceremonies are presided over.  Usually as the Grand Scholar goes, so does the Council of Sages, however the Council of Sages can out vote the Grand Scholar if 2/3rds of them disagree with the Scholars ruling.  The Tyrgo felt this was the best way to keep the Cities of Mauren balanced with no one group having more power than the other.

The Grand Scholar

Those who have came upon the Tyrgo cities and villages are usually killed on sight.  The few that are allowed to survive are stripped of all knowledge by the Grand Scholar.  The Grand Scholar is the head of the Council of Sages and the perceived leader of the Tyrgo people.  He alone is tasked with the “interrogation” of outsiders.  This method is known as “The Rendering” as the Grand Scholar will enter a deep meditative trance before entering the mind of the outsider.  Once inside the mind, the Grand Scholar will begin to immediately absorb all the thoughts and information within the outsiders mind.  Once the process is done the victim is left as a lobotomized husk unable to perform the simplest of motor functions.  This is the only way that the Tyrgo learn of the people who are outside of Mauren, and why many get lost within its treacherous terrain.

Though they view themselves as intellectuals who develop new ways of thinking or forms of arithmetic, they can be very cutthroat and ruthless.  The Grand Scholar is not an elected position however it is a position with a life long term.  That being said most Grand Scholars have short reigns given how one gains the position.  To be the Grand Scholar, you must kill the previous Grand Scholar, for anyone who cannot sense their enemies is not fit to hold the position.  The longest term any single Grand Scholar has held was fifty years.

The position acts as the de facto leader of the Tyrgo people as well as its intellectual advisor and military advisor.  It is the highest position of power within all of the Cities of Mauren.  However the Grand Scholar is bound to Misto Tyshi through a ritual upon becoming it.  This ritual is what allows them the gain the power to extract knowledge and memories from outsiders.  The only way to break the Ritual is by dying.  Only then can the Grand Scholar be free of his duty.


The Council of Sages

Each sage is the head and overseer of one of the six townships of the Tyrgo nation.  Each sage’s primary goals is the well being of the Tyrgo people of the whole.  From there they do their best to oversee the advancement of their given township which in turn helps Misto Tyshi flourish and grow.  All sages must be a minimum of seventy five years of age and have had to make a major contribution to society in their given area of study.


Those who make up the military tend to be Psyblades and Wargs.  Psyblades are usually the larger Tyrgo who learned how to mix their psionic abilities with physical combat.  They are usually only used as defenders within the cities to help keep their existence unknown.  Wargs are the smaller and stealthier of the Tyrgo.  They take control of the wild life up top and use it as weapons against those who come to close to one of the city entrances scattered around topside.  Outside of these two are various other types of Psions who are trained just in case one of an invasion from the other races of Zhurin.

One would also think the Warg branch would be make good use as hunters, but the Tyrgo prefer to leave the wildlife near their homes undisturbed, preferring to venture out into the vast Tundra that the Throlasha live upon, Vinto Throlsha.