The continent of Sorth is a land of dry heat and an ocean of sand that spans the entire lower most continent of the Zhurin realm. Sand dunes reach far and wide with sheets of it that moved like water with the passing of the breezes. It is’nt the sand that should  worry any one that visits but what lay buried beneath them out of the harsh rays of the Zhurin sun. But sometimes, if one had the patience to watch the distant dunes a sudden roil of something large under the sands might cause a disturbance or upheaval that changed the landscape before everything settled and smoothed. The portal from the City of Gates and into Sorth is most likely one of the more richly formed and while the Scolani would have to brag that theirs was the most brilliant in color, with multi faceted precious stone gems and translucent glass that was intricately laced and worked into the rough stone of the gate proper, the one found in Draelyk would give them a run for their coin.

The gate is a good few miles from Shyul and while the Scolani believed in survival of the fittest, they have placed stone deep within the sands that lead any visitors directly to their city which made it so that none of the many sand sharks, large scarabs and worms can’t tunnel under foot laying in wait for anyone who dared to come visit their lands. The city lays on the water’s edge of Sorth and unlike most cities that are built to stand tall Shyul is built to span outwards. It sprawls along the Sorth coastlines, nearly enveloping the four smaller scolani cities that rest as crowning jewels to the large city.

Shyul is a city of color and opulence and it was made this way more for its people than any sort of visitors to the city. Because of the deadening the Scolani lose the taste for things, colors aren’t as bright, spices not as flavorful, it is because of this that Shyul is as it was. Vibrant colorful flags dot the city skyline, waving from the spirals that rise high above most of the buildings. From bright citrus yellows to royal purple and sapphire blues. Each color clustered, leading in one direction while the others in another.  Emerald Green, the color of prosperity leads to the Merchant District. Rich gold leads to the Shyul Palace. Cool sapphire blue towards the infirmary where healers await. Blood red leads to the Gladiators Pride, a cluster of fighting circles of sand for training and the Coliseum. Royal purple lines the streets of the High District. Pearl white for the Lower District and Ebon black for the otherwise unmarked Forsaken Depths.