[ The History of LiveUniverse ]

How it All Began

The legacy of LiveUniverse has been ongoing prior to 1998; LiveUniverse.com, formerly known as SneakerChat, was a site that provided web developers with free site-related tools such as message boards, chat rooms, polls, counters, etc.

At LiveUniverse.com, a small community of roleplayers assembled together to create a freeform style fantasy roleplaying setting which catered to many styles and varieties of game types, including (but not limited to) Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, Greyhawk, and Forgotten Realms.

No single individual 'owned' the site where the community was hosted, therefore a democratic sort of system was put into place among the leaders of the kingdoms where they voted upon the acceptable rules, regulations and even refereed battles to ensure a continuity of fairness in the community.

Unfortunately, several years after the LiveUniverse roleplaying community was established, the site was forced to shut down and those of us that still remained banded together moved elsewhere to small, private communities and the majority of the player base was lost, forever. Those of us that still had the heart for roleplaying didn't give up on the hope, and the dream, that we would find a site that filled the void that LiveUniverse had left in our lives.

The End of the Great Age

With the end of LiveUniverse having been imminent, the players decided that it would be moot to orchestrate an ending for the world. Those left of the community ended up creating a catastrophic world's end, and those of us who participated did so with the anticipation that it would be the end of all. From that point on, there would always be talk of resurrecting the old world, but no one could organize a functional community after the fact.

Years later though, over a decade past original inception, that was all going to change.

The New Beginning

In January 2013, the design became reality, and LiveUniverse was resurrected from an almost dead community to a thriving player base of over 50 separate individuals donating their time, money and creativity toward seeing their dreams come true. We kept the site open for approximately 3 years before life became too demanding and the project was placed on hiatus. While we suffered a few hiccups along the way, we are still making progress to this day and with all hopes, LiveUniverse.co will soon flourish as the community we all dreamed of having. Without the continued support of members both old and new, we would not be here today.

True to the legacy, LiveUniverse will offer a variety of settings on different worlds, giving a full range of genres and possibilities for story writing. Our goal is to provide a roleplaying setting that can be appreciated by all players of all kinds.

Welcome to LiveUniverse ~ Live your fantasy, Create your universe.


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