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Check back soon! - July 8th, 2021

Join Us Now!

1. Register a Discord account.

2. Come and connect with use in the Live Universe Discord server.

3. Once you’ve hit that ‘connect’ button, you’ll be welcomed by a member of staff, who will get you all set up; if you have any questions about how this whole thing works then that’s your chance to ask them.

4. At that point, the ball is completely in your court. Read up about our worlds, check out the games happening on our in-character channels, and then see if you can’t come up with a little something yourself.

5. Create your character (if that’s your fancy).

But always: write!

 Membership includes unique perks such as:

- Your Very Own site!

- Our Sites include unlimited storage space and bandwidth for all your visual and storytelling needs.

- Create your own HTML pages or use Wordpress!