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Zhurin is high-fantasy world rife with danger, unique monsters, races and bound fiercely to the powers of the Spirits.

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There are no Gods in Zhurin, only Spirits, and they are primal, vicious entities.

Magic directly associated with a specific God will not work within Zhurin as a whole. Xansai is barren of even the Spirits blessings. The native races do not worship the Spirits in the same way that outsiders might worship gods. They revere them, acknowledge their purpose in Zhurin and sometimes, in the case of the Aeon and Odanodan, might have been directly influenced.

There are 20 Spirits that have names. One can call on them and hope they answer, but it's highly unlikely that they'll heed any such request. They do not feel emotion as many mortals do (immortals or deities either, for that matter) so are unlikely to get angry, jealous or otherwise.

As a result of Zhurin's unique Spiritual environment, deities from other worlds have no power nor influence. One might be blessed by a goddess of Life or a patron to a god of chaos, but such abilities simply do not function while in Zhurin.

Prime Spirit: Mahkah

Secondary Spirits: Jrin, Odanodan, Barth, Adhamh, Xeyo, Botina, Kinus, Netica, Nophtys, Lorna, Amadahy, Dalis, Laec, Mosheh

Tertiary Spirits: Nus, Tuulikki, Erata, Nyarad, Peryah

Zhurin is the largest terrestrial planet in the Aries Llayos solar system that supports life. Zhurin possesses two moons in an eliptical orbit. There are five continents, each with their own unique qualities, races and cultures, they are as follows: Draelyk, Sorth, Mauren, Isles of Nri and Xansai.  


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