[ The Lorebook ]


Zhurin is high-fantasy world rife with danger, unique monsters, races and bound fiercely to the powers of the Spirits.

World Summary
Planetary Lore
Characters of Note

The Continents of Zhurin
Isles of Nri

[ The Aries Llayos Solar System ]

Circling the brilliant star Amauna, Aries Llayos is a multi-planet system supporting life on several of its terrestrial planets and moons. These worlds verge on the fantastical and the technological, yet they are neither entirely one or the other. At this time, two worlds exist in current gameplay: Zhurin and Elyu. Both worlds offer uniquely different settings, unusual races, unending lore and the potential to create anything you put your mind to.

Sun:  The Daystar, Amauna
Planet 1: Thissah'le (Barren, Rock)
Planet 2: Siroocoh (Barren, Gaseous)
Planet 3: Zhurin
Planet 4: Elyu
Planet 5: Rixoru (Barren, Ice)
Meteor Field
Planet 6: Apoch
Planet 7: Eden

Elyu is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world in ruins, defiled by false Gods and on the verge of a second Cataclysm.

World Summary
Planetary Lore
Characters of Note

The Kingdoms of Elyu
The Waystation
Isles of Onigu
The Tor
The Savage Lands
The Wastes
The Old Kingdom
The Otherside  


Zhurin is, if nothing else, a world of hardship. Devoid of the grace and guidance of the gods, Zhurin has prospered as a place where only the fittest survive and there’s a constant war between predators and prey. The balance is kept between the Spirits, who do not interfere in the path life takes, but in most things, the war marches on. The sentient races, evolved from the greatest predators, war on each other over the ages, from the deep rain forests of Draelyk, to the windscorched deserts of Sorth.

Nothing is set in stone, and nothing is certain; except for the fact that history will always repeat itself - time and time again. Elyu is a post-apocalyptic world on rebound, having endured a Cataclysm that once destroyed the entire planet, what is left of life on it's surface struggles to survive against the natural elements. Tainted earth and noxious airs poisoned by the fount of all life, and all magic on the planet; the Source. Invaded by Otherworld races, fractured by false Gods and teetering on the brink of collapse; which way will the scales of Balance tip?


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